Start-Up Incentives

  • Start-up Refunds for Entrepreneurs (SURE): This scheme allows an entrepreneur investing in his/her new business a refund of PAYE tax paid over the previous six years. Certain conditions apply and the limit on the SURE investment is effectively €700,000, as up to €100,000 may be relieved in the aggregate of the previous 6 tax years and the current year
  • Tax Relief for New Start Up Companies: Tax legislation provides relief from corporation tax for start-up companies in their first three years of trading. Full relief is available up to €40,000 and marginal relief available up to €60,000. However the relief is restricted depending on Employer PRSI paid.
  • Employment and Investment Incentive (EII): This scheme allows investors in new companies to obtain tax relief on their investment. The maximum amount of investment is €150,000. The investment must be held for a period of 4 years. The tax relief is split between year 1 and year 4.

Typical Problems that we come across

It is not rare to see businesses waste valuable time and resources chasing incentives that will only be of marginal benefit. Before resources are committed to qualifying for a tax incentive it is essential that the cost/benefit of the exercise is considered.

How We Can Help

We can advise on what is available and assist in selecting the most appropriate incentives appropriate to your business.