Selling Off or Closing Down a Part of your Business – What to do?

The onset of lockdown is forcing many companies to make quick decisions on whether to close or sell off parts of their business that have been with them for many years. For some it will be a question of survival while for others it will be a matter of speeding up a cold-eyed process that measures the return from their assets and selling off those that, for one reason or another, are holding back the performance of the rest of the business.
The key issues in all cases will be to arrive at an objective and then, having achieved clarity of purpose, to move quickly so as to normalise the business. Normalising will put an end to the emergency meetings that are such a drain on management’s energy and, instead, will allow you to focus on the business opportunities that can suddenly arise when a pandemic strikes.
If your objective is to sell off or close-down a part of the business, you will need to know how to do it in a way that is tax efficient. Very often this will be done by using one of the various forms of reorganisation provided in the tax legislation. We will help you understand the tax options available to you to increase the after-tax proceeds of sale and will work through the various after-sale tax issues that arise. We will also help you market the business that is to be sold and prepare you for the negotiations with bidders.
If you would like to discuss your own case with us, feel free to ring either:

Joe McAvoy, Tax Director, or
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