Will Planning

Everyone knows that Inheritance Tax is charged at the rate of 33%. But read how the effective rate can be as low as 0%, 3.3% or 30%.

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Being under tax audit can be bad enough, but if the audit is not resolved quickly, the experience can be ten times worse. Read about one way of resolving this.

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Selling Off or Closing Down a Part of your Business?

The onset of lockdown is forcing many companies to make quick decisions on whether to
close or sell off parts of their business that have been with them for many years. If you are
considering this, you will have a variety of tax and business issues to resolve. Visit our
business hub for more information.

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Your Trusted Advisor

Tax Advisors

Our tax team advise on every Irish tax whether income, capital or asset transfer taxes, bringing the right mix of professional skill and tax experience to help Irish businesses and individuals manage their tax liabilities.

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Business Advisory

Our business advisory team has developed high level experience in providing quality business advice in accounting and corporate finance transactions to both small and medium sized organisations in a timely manner.

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Financial Planning

Our financial advisory team set out to gain an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ specific needs, examine their attitude to risk and reward and provide them with a solution which is appropriate to their circumstances.

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