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Business Consultancy

The quality of information that is presented to management will have an important bearing on the success or failure of a business.  To be able to react to the opportunities and problems that continually arise in business, a management team will need accurate information that is delivered on a timely basis.


Our experienced business advisory team can assist with the:

  • Preparation of business plans with detailed financial projections
  • Cashflow management and reporting
  • Preparation of management accounts
  • Margin analysis
  • Financing assets and working capital analysis

Typical problems that we come across

  • Lack of timely and accurate financial information – sometimes critical financial information is not delivered to management in time to forestall serious trading losses.
  • Cashflow management – cash is king to the success or failure of any business; however, many business owners are still obsessed with increasing turnover without taking into consideration the cash operating cycle and working capital requirements that can ham-string a growing business.
  • Reduction in gross margin – businesses can suffer a fall in margins if they are not reacting fast enough to increases in the underlying costs associated to the products / services they are selling.
  • Increased turnover, but profits remain stagnant – insufficient control over overhead costs can adversely affect a business.

How we can help

We take the time to understand our clients’ businesses together with the issues and challenges that they are facing. Our aim is to identify the areas of inefficiency within the business that can be improved or eradicated. If a business is to succeed it must adopt the philosophy of continuing business improvement.


Business improvement is the approach on which our business consulting practice is founded.

Our Directors

Stephanie Kirby, tax director
Business Advisory

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