Property Taxes

In addition to giving specific advice on complex property tax issues we also offer a wide range of property tax services that include the refinancing and restructuring of existing property holdings, maximising the property holder’s claim for capital allowances and advising on how property transactions undertaken by individuals may qualify for tax-advantageous CGT treatment as opposed to being taxed as income.


In dealing with VAT on property, we advise on the impact of the VAT rules introduced by Finance Act 2008 on both existing structures and proposed property transactions. We also provide a comprehensive advisory service on the VAT implications of various property transactions, particularly on maximising the recovery of VAT incurred on the acquisition or development of property.

Typical Problems that we come across

Ireland’s economic circumstances have altered enormously in the past decade. This alteration has led to changes in tax law and banking practice that affect both property investment and development. All of these changes have combined to make redundant very many of the tax structures and plans that were put in place prior to the Financial Crisis.

 How We Can Help

Our tax specialists have built up an unparalleled level of experience in advising on all of the property taxes. With this background, we are able to advise clients at every level of the property industry, whether they are property developers, investors (both professional and private), syndicate organisers or land-rich clients that need to maximise the value of their assets in a tax-efficient manner.