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Financial Planning

Our financial advisory team set out to gain an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ specific needs, examine their attitude to risk and reward and provide them with a solution which is appropriate to their circumstances.

Planning for Retirement

Will I be able to retire? And what steps will I need to take to get there? These are the fundamental questions that underlie pension saving.

To answer them we have structured our retirement planning process so that it involves the following steps:

  1. Setting a target value for your pension fund
  2. Determining a suitable level of contributions based on tax and other considerations
  3. Monitoring the investment performance continuously to see if this target is likely to be met
  4. Monitoring investment conditions to check on investment risk and seeing if this justifies any particular investment stance
  5. Adjusting the risk profile and contribution level of the pension investment as is necessary
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In or Approaching Retirement

If you have, or shortly will have, an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) the process of deciding how your fund will deliver the cash flows you will need in retirement can be daunting.


Prior to retirement while building your pension fund you probably were accustomed to considering matters such as investment risk and reward. Once you retire however additional issues such as how and how much, you will spend from your ARF on an ongoing basis become vitally important.


Typical Problems That We Come Across


Instead of creating a financial plan, some ARF owners draw down funds from their ARF in an undisciplined manner and in this way expose exposing themselves to the danger that their fund may become prematurely depleted while they are in old age. Sometimes, having fallen into this trap, ARF owners indulge in yield-seeking behaviour in an attempt to augment their funds without taking into account the risks to capital that this behaviour creates.

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