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To Fix or to Gamble

It is fair to say that interest rates have remained lower for longer than we might have expected. With the next major move in interest rates likely to see finance […]

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Income Tax Return Advice

A Survival Guide for Sub-Contractors

The ripples from the collapse of Carillion, the UK construction group, have already spread to Ireland.  Carillion had been part of the consortium building schools and an education centre in […]

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Tax Calculator

Repairs v Capital Expenses

Business owners and investors often think that if an expense is made wholly and exclusively for the purpose of their business it is deductible in calculating their taxable income. This […]

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Expense Payments to Employees

Expense Claims Employers don’t always realise that the payment of expenses to employees can involve a significant amount of tax risk. The reason is that while employees can be reimbursed […]

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Innovation Advisors Cork

Entrepreneur Relief

The 10% Rate of Capital Gains Tax: Entrepreneur Relief The availability of a 10% rate for Capital Gains is a tax break which every entrepreneur should try to exploit. The […]

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Tax Incentives Consultants

Residence Exemption from CAT

On 25 December 2016 the Finance Act 2016 was signed into law and as a result many Irish taxpayers, usually unknown to themselves, found themselves saddled with an unpleasant Inheritance […]

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Inheritance Advice Cork

Salary Sacrifices

The Revenue Commissioners have always taken a hawkish stance on salary sacrifices, albeit often predicated on rather questionable assumptions. They have recently succeeded in bringing on to the statute book […]

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FX Income Consultants

Cross Border Assets

Many individuals who are resident in Ireland own investment property located in the UK. The purpose of this article is to provide a practical guide to some of the more […]

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